AB Diplomacy
And International Relations

With Specialization In East And Southeast Asian Studies

Course Description

Is designed to train students who envision a diplomatic career with the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the United Nations and its agencies and other regional and international organizations. A specialization track in East and Southeast Asian studies equips students with a multidisciplinary understanding of the region’s history, culture, language, economic development, politics and business.

Program Learning Outcomes

▶ Appraise the relevance of Political Science frameworks vis-a-vis other disciplinal frameworks and/or approaches in the national, regional and global political contexts 

Explain theories and concepts on diplomacy, foreign policy, and international relations

▶ Evaluate foreign policy actions of Philippine foreign policy leaders in relation to their significance to national interest and relevance to regional dynamics

▶ Construct evidence based and ethically sound research and foreign policy analysis

▶ Demonstrate ability to apply theoretical and conceptual learnings in real-world work environments through internship

▶ Display ability to work effectively in an intercultural environment through the practice of appropriate cross cultural communication and sensitivities



The program provides rigorous training to students who are inclined to take the Foreign Service Exam and enter the diplomatic corps.

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