Ab Diplomacy And International Relations

With Specialization In East And Southeast Asian Studies

Course Description

The AB Diplomacy and International Relations, with Specialization in East and Southeast Asian Studies program provides students with theoretical knowledge of diplomatic history and Philippine foreign policy and sufficient understanding of the politics and governments of East and Southeast Asian countries. AB DipIR students develop mastery of either Chinese, Korean or Japanese language, and are equipped with the practical skills in theorizing, empirical research and writing, as well as foreign policy analysis and negotiation in a simulated environment. They are immersed in experiential learning which further equips them with multicultural literacy and sensitivity, and the knowledge of bureaucratic systems in accordance with the pillars of Philippine diplomacy as well as of those of countries in East and Southeast Asia.

Program Learning Outcomes

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The AB Diplomacy and International Relations program provides skills in research, negotiation, and diplomacy that is relevant to students who are inclined to take the Foreign Service Exam and enter the diplomatic corps, as well as other regional and international organizations.

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