AB-MA Political Science

Major In Global Politics (Straight Program)

Course Description

Is developed for outstanding individuals who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree after four years of undergraduate studies in political science. It has a selective intake and thus demands higher standards from its students in preparation for advanced studies in political science in their senior year.

Program Learning Outcomes

 Demonstrate the ability to interpret national, regional, and global political events from a theoretically informed perspective

Evaluate contemporary issues and problems using comparative, global and glocal (global-local) lenses

▶ Formulate policy solutions to problems in national, regional and global contexts

Influence stakeholders in national and various regional and international arenas


The program prepares graduates for careers in teaching, research, and development work in local and regional arenas. It also provides solid background for doctoral studies in the Philippines and abroad.

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Bulletin of Information

Department of Political Science's Graduate Program's Bulletin of Information.

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Department of Political Science's Graduate Program's Guidebook.

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