CANVAS: Creating Offline Courses For Internet Safety!


CANVAS: Creating Offline Courses For Internet Safety!

Having an offline version of your Canvas courses provides you with a safety net in case of cyber risks (hacking) and bandwidth challenges.   It is also a useful resource for your students who may use it for reviewing previously uploaded lessons. For teachers, offline courses are useful for editing for an entirely different audience or class in the future. 

There are at least two (2) options. 

1. Converting your online Canvas course to an HTML file

2. Publishing it as an ePub

For more information, read on the following quick and easy steps.

View Your Course As An HTML File (Offline view)

• Open your course on your dashboard.
• Go to Modules
• Click Export Course Content
• When downloading is done, click the link beside “most recent export”.
• Unzip file.
• Open the folder that has the same. name as the zipped file
Open index using a browser.

Creating an Epub (Offline View)

• Go to Account
• Click Settings
• Click Download Course Content (see right navigation pane)
• Choose course to download from Current Courses
• Click Generate ePub
• Download ePub
• Drag ePub file on your deskstop


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