Coming up with an Interesting Pre-Recorded Class Presentation


Coming up with an Interesting Pre-Recorded Class Presentation

A pre-recorded audio-video is a very practical asynchronous tool to enhance  the student’s self-paced learning. 

Remember that the more effective videos are usually short and thematic. While a student can choose to stop a 30 minute long video and get back to it when ready, the alternative,  shorter and compartmentalized  10 minute video is  more likely to be manageable if not acceptable to the student learner.

A good amount of planning for a pre-recorded video will help the instructor to break down a big topic into smaller chunks.  It is thus wise to prepare a script so an unnecessary prolongation of the video is avoided.  Pop up questions that  simulate a conversation with the student are encouraged and add life to the video.

How to Record Yourself in Video through Loom

There are many apps and tools available for recording oneself and one’s presentation. 


Loom is  an easy to use Google downloadable application and Chrome extension. Download Loom from Google and sign up.  If on Chrome, download Loom as  a Chrome extension. Install Loom on your desktop. Click the icon to open the Applications folder. Finally sign into your account. Once the account is ready, video recording can begin. To begin, click on the Loom icon on the upper right hand side of the desktop.  Prepare PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and a written script beforehand. 

Video recording can now start with a few clicks.  Screen + Cam will reveal the speaker and his/ her presentation. The Screen button will show only the presentation.  Finally, Cam will show mainly the presenter and hide the presentation.To end a Loom presentation, click the red stop button found on the left side of the screen.  Copy the video link from the Loom icon and send to your students.

To learn Loom, view one recording made by one of the members of the PolSc faculty, Dr Alma Salvador, for her graduate course in Human Security (PoS 280.53) last January to May 2020 (It was on March 16, when the ECQ is enforced in the National Capital Region in Manila). 

To Dr Salvador, the “best elements” were found in the informal way of communicating with her audience, whom she occasionally referred to during her recording. She also consistently referenced a framework and to previously uploaded modules and resources in the Schoology platform. She also referred to a plurality of online sources as if she were actually teaching in person.  These materials included the news, opinion articles and a podcast on the Paris lockdown and other national approaches to Covid 19.

It is a 23 minute video, and admittedly still a long material that can be further chopped down to 10 minutes less if only she had read from a script !

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