Chair’s Message: To the PolSc and DipIR Graduates of Class 2020: A Message of Hope, Gratitude and Resilience


Chair’s Message: To the PolSc and DipIR Graduates of Class 2020: A Message of Hope, Gratitude and Resilience

A first of its kind, Batch 2020’s exit experience exemplifies an adaptive change response. On March 16, 2020 the World Health Organization declared COVID19 a pandemic, propelling HEIs globally to migrate to online learning. In the Loyola Schools the traditional ceremonies that lead to the graduation of thousands of seniors was cancelled but only to pave the way to this much thought out online ceremony.

It is in this context of abrupt change and crisis that Department Chair Dr Diana J Mendoza sends off the PolSc and DipIR graduating batches of 2020. A heartfelt message of hope and gratitude, she shares her memories of student perseverance and success with previous batches and with the fondest remembrances of the department.

Message from the Chair

Dear PolSc and DipIR Graduates of Class 2020,


You have successfully completed your academic degrees amid the global pandemic.  In spite of the uncertainties and difficulties barely into the second month of the second semester, you persevered and earned the badge of being the first batch of graduates to hurdle successfully both the challenges of your degree programs and the COVID-19 pandemic.  

You are taking your first step into the new normal, a world characterised by uncertainties and ambiguities as well as vulnerabilities and insecurities. I hope that the knowledge, skills, service learning, and character formation that you have acquired from and developed with us, your home department, in particular, and the Ateneo, in general, equip you with self-confidence and sustained faith to face the new world. That is, you will be able to meet new life’s challenges and to succeed and to be able to shift gears when you need to.

The future may appear discouraging and at the same time demanding. It requires us to re-examine our old ways and approaches to life, in general. But I hope that you keep your resilience and tenacity to pursue and fulfil your dreams and career goals even during these unprecedented and challenging times.  One big fight.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Political Science, I wish you all the best.  While we cannot celebrate together your academic achievements at this time through a Commencement Exercise, know that we are truly proud of each one of you.

Congratulations and welcome to the new normal. Cheers!

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