AB Political Science

Master In Public Management

Course Description

The wicked problems that challenge our society today require graduates who are equipped with theoretical acumen that is discipline-based but at the same time trained to work in a scientific and collaborative governance environment. The AB Political Science – Master in Public Management program aims to provide students the theoretical acuity and strategic skills necessary to navigate through and resolve ethical dilemmas in the context of leadership in public sector management. As such, its curriculum is designed to equip students with a high level of competence in politics, public policy, and governance. Aside from rigorous academics, internship opportunities and engagement with distinguished political scientists, public sector practitioners, and think tank luminaries from the country and the region are also afforded to students.

Program Learning Outcomes

Evaluate contemporary social issues and public affairs using public administration and management principles, public policy, and political and economic analytical tools

Propose evidence-based solutions to address concerns on governance, public management, and/or public policy

Support the ethical and responsible leadership and decision-making in the public sector


The AB Political Science - Master in Public Management program serves as a training ground for future functionaries, development leaders, and politicians. The deep awareness that the program provides on public institutions and policy allow for a holistic formation of future leaders in the public sector.

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Department of Political Science's Graduate Program's Guidebook.

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