Master Of Arts
In Political Science

Major In Global Politics

Course Description

The highly contentious phenomenon of ‘globalization’ calls for a critical approach that addresses conceptual, empirical and policy questions. Among these are the changing nature of political authority and governance, the persistence of poverty, social hierarchy and exclusion, the dilemmas of building and transforming institutions for development and democratization, the tensions of promoting global citizenship and human rights amidst cultural diversity and fragmentation, the contemporary expressions and production of global security/insecurity, and the challenges of pursuing ecological sustainability, gender equality, peace, and popular empowerment. Responding to these requires a perspective that appreciates the interwoven character of the ‘global’ and the ‘local.’ The AB-MA Political Science program seeks to develop “leaders who are globally attuned but also deeply rooted in local needs, practices, and institutions”

Program Learning Outcomes

Deepen comprehension of economic and social development issues especially of the Philippines and the ways they are addressed.

Analyze critical perspectives on the concepts of democracy, governance, and citizenship.

Describe and comprehend the principles, practices, and problems of public management.

Apply knowledge of the various stages of policy-making and analyze the issues surrounding the creation and implementation of policies.


The AB-MA Political Science - Global Politics program prepares graduates for careers in teaching, research, and development work in local, regional, and international arenas. The program also provides a solid background for doctoral studies in the Philippines and abroad.

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