Pilipinas Conference 2021: Agenda Setting for the Next Philippine Presidential administration


Pilipinas Conference 2021: Agenda Setting for the Next Philippine Presidential administration

On Nov 22 to 26, 2021, Stratbase Albert Del Rosario Institute (AdRI) launched its annual Pilipinas Conference with its objective of track 2 collaboration in policy design and implementation in government. Last Thursday (Nov 25) Pilipinas Conference 2021 held a fourth panel on Advancing Multilateralism and Strategic Partnerships 2022: Philippine Foreign and Security Policy Outlook with a larger agenda of influencing presidential electoral debates. Keynote speakers Justice Antonio Carpio and Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana contextualized the geopolitical context which anchors the next presidential administration’s foreign and security policies.

Panelists Prof Renato De Castro (DLSU), Prof Jay Batongbacal (Institute of Marine Affairs and International Law, UP), Richard Heydarian (Polytechnic University) and Gen Manuel Bautista (former Armed Forces of the Philippines) concurred that the next presidency should have an eye on revisiting the current foreign policy based on limited balancing strategy of China in response to the geopolitically altered Indo Pacific region. They advance a position to deepen the strategic partnerships with the US, Japan and  Australia while simultaneously  repositioning a more responsible alliance partnership with the US. 

Responses from the next set of speakers Prof Mely Caballero Anthony (RSIS), Dr Alma Maria Salvador (Ateneo de Manila Department of Political Science), Dr Sherwin Ona (DLSU), and Dr Deo Onda (Marine Science Institute, UP) resonated with the ideas of the earlier panel  as they highlighted the strategic value of non traditional security in the region. In underscoring that climate change and the pandemic are two of the most existential crises of the 21st century,  Prof Anthony strengthened calls for a planetary outlook in foreign policy. Dr Salvador highlighted the need for enhancing practical cooperation in maritime domain awareness at the regional and sub regional levels, for extending MDA cooperation beyond anti piracy towards IUU and illegal fishing and for modernizing the PAF, PN and Defense forces. Panelists from the DLSU and the Marine Institute, Drs Ona and Onda reiterated recommendations to advance a foreign policy that integrates science in foreign and security policy making.

This event promotes the Department of Political Science’s advocacy for SDG 16 peace, justice and strong institutions. 

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