Stevie Valera: Career Diplomat


Stevie Valera: Career Diplomat

Stevie Valera  is a career diplomat and currently the Director of the Foreign Policy Advisory and Support Division at the Planning Office of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. She was formerly First Secretary and Consul at the Philippine Embassy in Thailand and Special Assistant to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. 
In giving back to her alma mater, Stevie now  teaches Diplomacy and Consular Practice  to the undergraduate majors of the AB Diplomacy and International Relations program at the ADMU Department of Political Science  where she received her M.A. in Political Science. She recently earned a Ph.D. in Psychology major in Social-Organizational Psychology, which allows her to practice and engage in  planning and organizational development as well as learning discernment among faith based organizations. 

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Stevie believes that teaching the fundamentals to  her students must be accompanied by an imparting of soft skills and values.  Her mission of  forming “diplomats for others”  stems from her years of experience of work and engagement in the diplomatic corps in the Philippines and beyond. Stevie believes that it is through a commitment to serve Filipinos overseas, particularly the migrant workers who are mostly precarious workers, that foreign service education must be oriented towards the development of future diplomats who are empathetic, ethical and global citizens.  Indeed a tough challenge to take,  Stevie never tires to assert this belief to her peers in government and  her colleagues in the academe. 

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