Teaching with The Canvas Learning Management System


Teaching with The Canvas Learning Management System

Teaching on a Learning Management System (LMS) has its advantages, the first of which is  the benefit of a centralized (and self-contained) platform for communicating with students. 

An LMS, like Canvas, is organized with various pages and folders dedicated for uploading/ downloading syllabus, modules, assignments, quizzes, etc.  It also has a built in system for designing rubrics and evaluating and recording students’ grades.  

Through the discussion page, asynchronous instruction in an LMS may be enhanced by student and teacher interaction in Chat or in Discussion forum. An LMS, thus serves not only as a classroom management device but a learning and teaching platform.

Canvas LMS demo picture.

To learn more about Canvas, go to the SALT website  and set up a free Canvas account. Click the DIY Canvas Tutorial.  To try Canvas for free, try Canvas. Fill out your details, then click Next. Create a password and submit. Confirm your registration from your email. After going to Account, begin practice with Canvas.

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