Vico Sotto: a Living Example of a Person of Conscience and Commitment


Vico Sotto: a Living Example of a Person of Conscience and Commitment

Mayor Vico Soto graduated from the AB Political Science (AB PolSci) program in 2011. Considered as a new breed of nontraditional politician, Mayor Vico campaigned under the platform of participatory governance which unseated Roberto Eusebio during 2016 local elections. Pasig has been governed for 27 years by the Eusebio political family. 

Accountable and democratic governance and leadership form part of the AB PolSc’s program thrust and is reflected in the curriculum. Two of the program’s specific learning outcomes are focused on training students towards the practice of “scientific  & ethical standards and principles in the conduct of social and political inquiry”, in addition to the development of a “sense of citizenship” informed by the democratic principles. 

These values and mindset do not emerge in a vacuum but are shaped by the student’s context, choice and curriculum. Designed in terms of nine (9) semesters (including summer term) of studies in theories and research, the curriculum is further enhanced by service learning courses, internship and a  junior term abroad program. Internship, through the PolSc 197 Directed Study course creates a stage for preparing and introducing the students to the world of work. 

As a way of operationalizing the Jesuit Educational Philosophy of educating persons of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment, the department’s service learning highway interlinks key core and co-curricular courses at each year level of the student’s program.  The Political Science program is interwoven with an integrated, interdisciplinary and Ignatian core curriculum

Vico Sotto in the Ateneo De Manila University Cafeteria. Here he is posing with the Ateneo De Manila University Political Science Department

On June 20, 2019 Mayor Vico asked his supporters in Pasig City to remove the tarpaulin birthday greeting that bears his picture. He returned to the spotlight on March 16, when he decried the mobility restrictions that he alleged to have severely impacted small tricycle drivers as a result of the national government’s Enhanced Community Quarantine measures to respond to Covid-19.

Vico Sotto portrait photography. Ateneo De Manila University/AdmuPol Political Science Department
George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News/File

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